Sunday, April 18, 2010

College Station

Nick and I went to College Station this weekend for Alex's ring day. I can't believe she is that close to graduating from college! We arrrived at about 4 on Friday and went straight to Layne's (a delicious chicken place that I love) so that I could get my fix. It was as delicious as I had been dreaming it would be. Seriously I have had multiple dreams about eating it! Alex got her shiny new ring around 7 and then we went to dinner at Messina Hoff with Nicks family and Jessica, Allison, and Tyler. I will post pictures of her ring day when I get some from Shirley. She was the photographer of the evening. I feel like I just got mine but it has been over two years! I'm getting so old!

On Saturday, Alex, Allison, Shirley and I went to Sweet Memories for a treat and Blue Baker for lunch. It was not a weekend of "healthy" eating but I got all my cravings satisfied. I am greatful that I do not live in College Station so I can't eat that way all the time! Lunch was great, it is always so good to hear what Alex and Allie are up to. The spring game was Saturday afternoon. The Ags look good and Nick is pumped for football season already! I went by the football office and saw some of my good friends from when I had the privilege of working there and we sat around chatting and stuffed some envelopes. Old habits die hard.

Nick and I decided to detour to Houston on the way home to see Cody and SarahBeth. Cody got stuck working all day but we got to hang out with SB and see their house. We went to pick up Butterbean from my parent's house on our way into San Antonio. She really likes to look out the window to see if we are coming to get her and my mom made the mistake of making that difficult for Butter (how dare she) so Butterbean shredded the blinds. We could see it walking up to the house, they were all broken in half from about her eye level down. :(

This morning I had nursery duty at church which was fun. I loved holding all of those sweet babies, I can't wait to hold mine! Adalynn is moving around alot now and Nick loves getting to feel her. He really wants other people to feel her to (which is super awkward, haha) but I love that he is so excited. If you sit down next to him for 5 minutes he will likely offer to show you our ultrasound video and a few other things. He has let (made) most of his friends watch it and tried to email it to his 17 year old cousin who I am sure is immensly interested in watching a fetus that looks like an alien right now kick around. Our next doctor appointment ismy 28 week appointment on May 13 and we are going to get a 3d/4d ultrasound afterword so that will be really fun to see a detailed picture of how she is growing! This trimester is flying by and I hope things continue to! Shirley is going to start painting the nursery this week! I am so excited to see how it will turn out!

Today is Aubra and Ryan's one year wedding anniversary! I can't believe they have been married for a whole year already! Congratulations friends :)