Sunday, August 29, 2010


Nick, Adalynn and I just got home from Addy's first out of town trip. It is so different traveling with a baby! She had 4 times as much stuff as either of us and made all of our stops take extra long but it was worth it to get to go to Dallas and visit Ryan and Aubra.

We left San Antonio Friday at noon with a clean, full, sleepy baby and a car stuffed with a pack and play, baby bathtub, diapers, wipes, bottles, and enough baby clothes (I thought) to get us through a week. After a relatively easy 6 hour drive we had a dirty, hungry, crying baby. Nick gave her a bath after unloading the car and she proceeded to pee on him before he could get her diaper on.

She pulled out her nice manners to hang out with Aubra and when Ryan got in town we all went out for a burger for dinner. She was so quiet and good during dinner and afterwords when we sat outside and enjoyed some live music. She amazed Nick and me by sleeping from 11 at night until 6 in the morning Saturday.

First thing in the morning she threw up on my pajamas so we got to do a load of laundry at Aubra's after being in town for approximately 12 hours. Aubra and I relaxed and made lunch while Nick was at a conference for work and Ryan studied.

Addy got to enjoy the first of many girls shopping trips in the afternoon and then we made a yummy dinner at home and rented a chic flick while the guys went and watched a fight. I made a fatal error of not following Adalynn's bedtime routine and payed dearly for it later.

Here is where things turned south- Adalynn was so sweet and snugly I couldn't wake her up for a bath so I let her sleep in my arms during the movie. I put her in bed around 11 and things looked good. At 3 am, Adalynn decided she had slept enough and was up for the rest of the night. Fortunately she never screamed or woke up our patient hosts but Nick and I definitely got some "quality time" with her taking turns napping until about 8:30 in the morning when we started packing up to come home. Thank you Adalynn- lesson learned.

Luckily we were able to make great time on the drive home today and are hopefully getting back on track with her sleep schedule. Adalynn is once again clean, fed, and asleep in bed. Lets hope she stays that way for a long time. Mom and dad need a break!

We had such a great time hanging out with our friends and introducing them to Adalynn. I wish Dallas was closer to San Antonio with all my heart! I think next visit we will fly!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a Week!

Miss Adalynn is one week old today! This has been such a crazy/ amazing/ wonderful week!

My due date was August 9. I knew that I would likely not be having a baby on that day as my doctor had scheduled me for an induction starting on the 11th "just in case". I tried to stay really busy so that I wouldn't be nervous about my induction so on the 10th I went for a walk, went to a movie with my brother John, and got a pedicure with my mom. Nick and I were planning to get one last pregnancy ice-cream from coldstone that evening but I felt too sick to eat. I went to bed feeling sick and Nick offered to take me to the hospital. I said I would take some tylenol and wake him up if I felt any worse. Right as I said that, my water broke!

We were so excited and headed to the hospital shortly after. I was in labor for 14 houirs but after the epidural, it was not bad at all. We stayed in the hospital for only 24 hours and are both doing well.

I am trying very hard to not be one of the moms that is constantly updating facebook with a million pictures. I am definitely taking tons of pictures though, I can't help myself! I will add a few here so only people that are interested will be subjected to my obsession.

Adalynn is healthy, so sweet, and is (so far) sleeping well. Our whole lives have changed in the last few days. Thank you Nick for giving me a precious daughter and being a wonderful husband and daddy. Addy and I are so lucky to be loved by you.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Pregnant Weekend

Well I am still pregnant, but not for much longer! The last 9 months have really flown by with the exception of the past 5 weeks. They have been dragging on forever! I tell people that its like telling a 4 year old that Christmas could come any day in the next month so they just have to wait and see. Every day I wonder if she will decide to come out, every night I go to bed hoping to go into labor before morning! I am not really scared about labor (probably because I am so naive about it by choice) or about having a newborn, I am just unbelievably excited. I have been able to continue walking consistently throughout my whole pregnancy and I still feel pretty good.

I had my last regular doctor appointment on Thursday and I am still not looking like I am anywhere close to having a baby in my arms even though my due date is Monday. I go back on Wednesday if I am still pregnant and we will induce labor so I will *hopefully* be a mommy by next Thursday. Nick is incredibly excited and has been so wonderful and supportive. He is going to be the best dad! She will have him wrapped around her finger in no time at all.

We have been so wonderfully supported by our family and friends and Addy is very blessed to be so loved before she is even born. Pictures and stories about baby Adalynn will be here soon!