Sunday, May 23, 2010

Addy's Nursery

The nursery has come a long way! Thanks to our very generous loved ones, we got a ton of Adalynn's things at my shower May 1. Shirley painted several weeks ago and Nick put in the chair rail and built the bookcase. I am so excited for her to come. I went in there and just sat in the rocking chair today thinking about how wonderful it will be to have her here in 10 weeks or so. I want to share some pictures from my shower and from the nursery. Note about the shower pictures: I am big, but my shiny dress makes me look like a beach ball. I am NOT about to pop yet.

The bookcase that Nick build for his little girl. I am so impressed with his handyman-ness. It was not a kit or anything :)

Me with Addy's Grammie and Mimi

Outside of baby- land, two weeks left in school until I will be out for the summer! I will definitely miss some of my students but I am ready for the break. Nick and I had a wonderful weekend together. On Friday night we went to the Churchill Pop Show to watch several of my students perform. Nick was such a good sport about it and it is great for me to see the kids outside of the classroom setting. We finished off the evening with some Coldstone ice cream which is a great way to finish any day. On Saturday we did some housework and then went to a dinner party hosted by one of Nick's clients. There were people there from Mexico and Uruguay as well as Texas and California so there were many views represented and it was an evening of great conversation. (OMG we are getting old. Everyone else there was 35+ and we had a good time...)
On Sunday we went to church and then lunch with my parents. We went for an afternoon swim and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Aldaco's to celebrate the engagement of our good friend Derek Brown to his lovely fiancee Kelly Anne. They are so sweet and we are really looking forward to their wedding in Destin, Florida next summer!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

3D Ultrasound

I have so many things to update about I have been putting it all off. We got the nursery painted, had a lovely shower, and today we had a 3D ultrasound and got to see Adalynn! Time went by so slowly in the beginning of the pregnancy and now I feel like it is flying by!

I had my 28 week appointment today so starting in June I will be going to the doctor every two weeks instead of once a month. I never thought I would love going to the doctor so much but it means that I am a little closer to holding my girl so it makes me really excited! I had my glucose tolerance test today (yuck). I had to get up and drink a brown syrup that tastes like flat Pepsi (I am NOT a Pepsi fan) in 5 minutes and then go give blood to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. While we were at the doctor, he told us if anything goes wrong to skip the ER and go right to Labor and Delivery. Nick and I, being the responsible adults we are, have not only not toured L&D yet but we don't even know where it is. Our poor baby... We are planning to go to the June 7th tour so we are trying to get our act together.We both kinda take this attitude like, that is a long time away, we don't need to stress yet. But it is getting closer and I guess it is time for us to prepare.

So that was first thing this morning. At 11:30 we had an appointment at Baby Vision to get a 3D ultrasound. We got to watch Adalynn move around for about 30 minutes and got a bunch of pictures of her. The ultrasound girl was really nice and we had a great experience. Some of the pictures are a little weird, she said the baby is smashed in there so some were a little distorted but overall I am really glad we did it. She loved having her hands by her face so it took some effort to get a good shot but it was cool to be able to see her a little bit.

My next goal is to post pictures of the nursery- hopefully this weekend!