Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Growing Fast

Addy and I are growing fast! I have been enjoying my daily walks with Carrie and Butterbean and I am hoping all of the perks I hear about exercising during pregnancy (easier labor, getting your body back faster) are not just rumors! My next doctor appointment is not for another two weeks but it is easier to wait in between appointments now that I can feel her kicking around every day. It is the most wonderful feeling to know that she is healthy and active!

Shirley and Kimon gave us our crib and we set it up on Friday night. Nick does not love my "photojournalism" but Butter doesn't seem to mind. :) I will put up some nursery pictures when we start painting after Easter.

In non-baby news, Nick and I had a wonderful weekend last weekend. We started our Saturday with a walk and lunch at McAllisters Deli. We went to Greg and Carrie's so Nick could help assemble a shed and I sat around with Kayla and Carrie. Nick and I went to Chris and Candice's housewarming party in the late afternoon and then had a late dinner with Ryan and Aubra. It is a blessing to have so many friends that we are able to spend time with.

I have Friday off (love being a teacher!) and I'm looking forward to sleeping in, getting some work done around the house and hanging out with my mom. Shirley is doing her usual big Easter celebration and although I'm sad John isn't coming home I am looking forward to seeing all of Nick's sweet cousins who will be in town. I can't help but think about how special next Easter will be when I get to buy a dress for Adalynn and enjoy being a family of 3!

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