Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Midday Yell

So I didn't post about this last week but it was so much fun that I want to tell the story. Last week on Wednesday we gave the PSAT all morning at school. In the afternoon we were supposed to talk about our college experiences and show a slide show with pictures form the old days. I decided to make my class into a Fightin' Texas Aggie yell practice. I taught the kids to beat the hell outta a rival- passbacks and hump it and all. I played the war hymn, taught a yell, and then told an "old Rock" story. There was a lot of whooping going on. It was my favorite day of school so far.

I did show a slide show. There was a picture of me, Aubra, and Melissa at a game. Several boys throughout the day asked me if my friends were married. In 8th period, one bold young man asked about Mel, asked if she was married, and told me to tell her "What's up". He was unphased by the fact that she is 10 years older than him. Oh, high school boys.

You girls are hot and can have any 15 year old boyfriend you want! Haha.

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