Sunday, October 24, 2010

Laning Photography

Nick, Addy and I went to Dallas this weekend and had family pictures taken. We didn't want indoor studio type pictures- we really like being outside and wanted more candid outdoor pictures. We were so excited to take them by a pond he fished in as a little boy but then the torrential downpours came.

It rained like crazy all day on Saturday but we were able to find a great gazebo in Flower Mound to take our pictures in. I feel like rainy pictures sometimes turn out the best so the rain didn't stress me out. Our photographer Nicholas Laning and his lovely assistant (his wife Kathleen) came out despite tornado warnings and got super creative to help us get some great shots. I am really looking forward to seeing the pictures in a couple weeks- I know they are an investment we will always treasure.

Aubra and I got to have a nice baby- free dinner Saturday night. It was so great to have a little break while Addy spent time with her dad.

Nick and Cody, one of his best friends from college, did the muddy buddy race against each other this morning and finished at the exact same time. All four muddy racers had a great time. I am seriously thinking about joining them next year! Anybody have good muddy buddy stories/ experiences?


  1. I did muddy buddy last year and it was fun!! If you think we can share a bike, i'd be up for doing it with you next year : ) Btw..I'm copying your pic to put on my blog so it balances out my own pictures from the weekend, hope you don't mind! : )

  2. I don't mind at all. And we should absolutely do it!