Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Love the Start of Wrestling

Wrestling practice just started a couple weeks ago. I am coaching the girls again this year. I have 3 returning girls and 4 new ones. Even though I don't love staying at school longer, I love getting to know students that I don't have to give grades to and helping them learn to do something that I loved doing. One of the coolest things about teaching high school is getting to enjoy the good parts year after year.

The girls and I went for a quick mile run after practice yesterday and were talking and laughing as we jogged along. It took me back to a time 7 years ago when I did the same thing with my friends and teammates after school. If given the chance I wouldn't go back to high school, but reliving some of my favorite moments with sweet girls who look at me the way I looked at my coach is a real treat.

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