Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cousin Time

I grew up LOVING visiting my cousins. Coming to Texas to see William and Houston was the highlight of my summer and the big family Christmas ski trip has provided me with many happy childhood memories. I still really look forward to seeing my cousins at Houston's upcoming wedding this fall.

Adalynn won't have any actual cousins for a while because my brothers and Nick's sister are all single and still finishing up school and trying to start careers. She is very lucky to have a wonderful group of second cousins though. Here are a few pictures of the ones she has met already!

Blakeley calls herself the best "big sister cousin". She wants a baby sibling so badly!

Allison snuggling with my wiggle worm

Adalynn loves cuddeling with Jessica

All the little cousins at Bella and Morgan's birthday party. Nick walked in holding Adalynn and Bella looks at me and asks "Have you had your baby yet?". That was one of the funniest questions I have ever been asked.

I think Addy is going to grow up loving family as much as I do!

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