Friday, September 17, 2010

Fire-y Friday

I am trying to make the most of my remaining time at home so I have been busy this week!

On Thursday (I know the post is titled Friday but humor me) I went to SOGO for lunch with my friends Cari and Courtney. Courtney has a baby girl named Bella who is 6 days older than Addy and Cari is expecting a little girl in October. It is amazing how a few years ago I didn't have any mom friends and suddenly I have quite a few. Life changes fast! Anyway we had a great girls lunch and I love going out on a weekday. One of the only downsides to teaching is never getting to go out to lunch. But I suppose it saves us a ton of money that I eat a $1 home-made sandwich as opposed to a $9 Panera Bread sandwich most days.

Today I was able to go to lunch with my brother Daniel which is a rare treat. Daniel lives in San Antonio but is 20 and usually has better things to do than go to lunch with old people. He does however have a soft spot for his little niece so we were able to meet up.
We tried to go to a place called Benny's Diner that he recently discovered but a guy (Benny perhaps?) stopped us in the parking lot telling us they were closed for the day. I found this slightly odd seeing as it was noon but proceeded to ask him what their regular hours were. They are usually open at lunch but Benny's had apparently had a very rough night. First there was an attempted break in and then they somehow lost power so all of the food in the refrigerators had to be thrown out. That is not the happiest way to end a week! I am willing to give ole Benny another try sometime soon though.

My sweet mother in law called to see if I wanted some "me time" today because she wouldn't mind some Addy time. I enjoyed a quiet nap without wondering when I would be woken up by a crying baby and then went in for my first post- pregnancy bootcamp at MPT. It felt great and I can't wait to fit into all of my old clothes again!

Nick and I went to his parents house for pizza and to pick up Adalynn this evening and we were certainly entertained. Nick's mom recently remodeled their entire downstairs (its amazing!) and has new double ovens that apparently light the cardboard that you cook pizza on on fire. There was not just a little smoke but an actual fire in the oven. It was neat for a minute to watch the smoke pour out and crawl up the wall to their 20 foot ceilings. The screaming fire alarm and huge amounts of smoke quickly sent Adalynn and me into the backyard to get away while Nick and his parents tried to get everything taken care of. We even got a visit from the fire department! We also got a visit from the Papa John's delivery man.

Sadly I have no cute pictures to add today but I promise to put a couple in my next post. Have a wonderful weekend!

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